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Welcome to Vote for 36 Months

Shri Rabindranath Thakur’s National Anthem propagated the idea of national patriotism, unity and integrity to the World. The political parties select the candidates to the local bodies, Assemblies and the Parliament without the role of the citizens of India.The political parties prefer to select the candidates without verifying their antecedents like criminal background. Therefore, the citizens don’t prefer to cast their vote in elections.

Former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) defined democracy as “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. The present political leaders have forgotten the concept of the democracy or they are rather unaware of the well established concept of a democracy.

My dear citizens of India, please elect ‘political servants’ not ‘political leaders’ because the concept of political leadership authority has to be minimized and I do hereby request to all political parties to recommend for the amendment of the Indian Constitution to conduct elections for every “36 Months” instead of 60 months i.e. 5 years or 1826 days. Developed country like United States of America is having elections for every four years. This period of four years has been adopted by USA long back before independence of India and this election process has been successful till date.

The Indian citizens are getting the right to vote at the age of 18 years and they may cast their votes with zeal and enthusiasm for four or five times. After that, they may lose their interest in elections. The elected members are approaching to people only at the next elections i.e. after five years. If it is three years, there is a chance to meet the people within three years. They can take the interest to elect next time by doing some welfare activities to the people or to perform their promises. So far as the election expenditure is concerned, it is less than 1.00 % of the budget. Moreover, the expenditure to be incurred on elections may be paid to employees as TA/DA, printing press and other expenditure within India only. A defeated candidate may get the “Gnaana Praptee” i.e. the realization.

Dear friends, please educate your brothers, sisters, parents and the near & dears ones for advocating for “Vote for 36 Months”. You are the caretakers of our democracy. In this connection, an example may be brought to your notice that Indians are fond of cricket. In the beginning, we had “test matches” and “one-day matches” and now, it is “20-20 matches” only. In view of the changing scenario, we have to adopt to a procedure as per the convenience of the existing situation. Therefore, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar having the idea about these things, he made a provision for amendment of the Constitution.

India got the independence by affords of the crores of Indian citizens, it is not a single person’s achievement.  We will fight for eradication of the hero worship and politics of the single leader. We will strive to achieve the society of vote for 36 months i.e., elections for every 36 months. 

My dear friends, please elect “political servants” and we may stand for as a model for democratic countries.